I am yet another software engineer driven to America in search of better opportunities. Though onsite is one way to make it to USA, the land of opportunities, before you get one you are already tired of the routine mechanical work and are desperate to move to a better company. I din’t want to keep hopping from one company to another  in search of a better work environment, which is non-existent! Though, engineers back in India, talk about how working in India is patriotic, they conveniently forget the fact that they too work for foreign clients. So there is no point in blaming those Indians settled in abroad as unpatriotic, for all of us work for USA.

Now, this may rise a question why should we work for some other nation when we have the strongest educated human resource. Well,  we all study engineering because thats what fetches the highest salary now. From an IIT ian to a student from an average engineering college, every one dreams of a future in America. The impact of westernization is so high that gen-next kids listen only to Eminem and Justin Beiber and wonder at the awesomeness of English lyrics while we don’t consider lack of  mother tongue knowledge as a shame anymore. Thats how we are wired!  ok I am kind of drifting away from the intended topic.

Back to the question – What is happiness according to our generation, especially the IT sector? Even before I complete the question, anybody will answer MONEY! Kudos! U win the brownie points! This puts the next question  – are we really happy by earning the money we dream? Answer may not be instant. How much ever time you pause or even if you go without answering, our conscience knows its a big NO!

Do you think those people who come to study  Masters abroad are happy? Not atall! They slog to find part-time jobs.  They earn a little, dream to save a lot, spend a little and look into the bank balance every time before they leave for grocery shopping. Well thats the way of student life in any foreign country.

Ok, now what about IT people in India. They earn pretty well. They should live life king-size. If thats what you think, I am sorry you are too naive! Money is an addiction. Its a craving. You always want more. IT people in India earn and invest in land or car or any thing for the sake of status. There starts the problem. Its indeed a wise idea to invest money. But even for a land in B’lore you need to invest all your savings. In addition to it, you will need a bank loan which will last for minimum 5 years. Awing at the mammoth loan, one works tirelessly, loosing interest in sex life and a happy family. Many of the IT folks don’t even have time to talk to their spouse because by the time they return home, they grow largely tired and need a sleep badly. This approach to life makes their  spouse and kids desperate for warmth and care. This is the starting point for a cascade of problems in family life. People, especially women who realize this, want to leave their job and be at home attending their family. But any loan claimed, intimidates them and forces to understand, that only if both the adults go for job, the  loan can be repaid else there is no end for it.

So what about IT people settled in USA and other foreign countries? They have green card,  a regular working hours. They should be contented and happy. Unfortunately, answer is again a NO! Atleast, when you settle in India you have  relatives (dad n mom) to help in case of any emergencies. Also, if you loose a job in one IT company, any day you can shift to some others easily. But  in abroad, loosing your job is the last thing you want to think about!  Starting from Auto Insurance to credit card bills, everything queues up, time and again and life becomes a bitter struggle. Not to mention about health care bills. If you are admitted for a mild chest pain, seeing the bill, you will either get a fatal heart attack or commit suicide! No kidding, even a X-ray costs $400 in USA. If you are in emergency ward for a severe stomach pain, on seeing the bill you  are sure to develop chest pain, for, a half-an-hour time in emergency ward costs you $500. By the time you obtain green card, you could observe your hair line recedes, you put on weight out of stress and look 10+ of your actual age! Worst, is the dream to buy a home. Even if a husband and wife work, a mortgage per month costs 15 days salary of both. S0 what remains is, one month salary of one person, which tries to choke you before you could pay all other monthly bills.

Kaasu illadhavanuku oru prachana! irukuravanuku pala !!

Is it better to think that money is not happiness?? Folks, lets succumb to reality! We can’t do anything without money. Though not true, we are wired to think money is happiness.  Hope you find enough happiness. Bye!